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WordPress & WooCommerce maintenance services for busy people.

Who’s keeping your website from disappointing your customers with 404 errors? Leave it to us. We’ll keep a watchful eye to ensure it’s always up and running.

We excel at handling two specific types of projects.

Expertise in WooCommerce and WordPress for websites.

Mandatory ongoing service for our projects. We offer comprehensive management, maintenance, and hosting for WordPress and WooCommerce sites. Our full responsibility covers updates and resolving ongoing bugs and issues, all at a fixed monthly cost.


We perform audits, standardize, and migrate your existing website.


We handle all management of your website and systems.


We manage updates to all components of your website and resolve any issues.


Optimize website speed and stability by choosing the best WordPress hosting.

LONZO focus of WooCommerce on delivering what you need, working with you to understand what really creates value.

Why choose this service?

We take total responsibility for our customers’ WordPress and WooCommerce sites, which means that we take care of updates and ensure that the site works as it should.

You as a customer can then focus on your business instead of worrying about website operations. 

What does it cost?

Based on the results of the audit, we will tailor our service and development for your website. Typically, an all-inclusive minimum monthly budget for managing a single, simple WordPress site is 4 hours + hosting costs, which equates to €500 per month. At LONZO we believe more in a package deal than anything else. We have three premium plans, see below for details.

What about support?

When you have become a customer and moved to us, you can continuously come up with suggestions for things you want to improve or fix in our ticket system. We will also keep an eye out for potential problems or opportunities for improvement and share them with you. Depending on what you prefer, we offer support with or without a retainer.

From start to finish in three clear steps

What makes up a WordPress maintenance service?


Enjoy peace of mind knowing your plugins are in expert hands. We excel at plugins management.


Maximize uptime with automation. Focus on deployment and monitoring impact.


Stay calm, we’re engineers! When all else fails, we will code your way out of a problem. 

That's just the basics.

Want to learn more?

Backups & Updates

If you’ve ever lost a file that you worked on for a long time, you know how frustrating it is. To ensure that your website doesn’t collapse and take all its contents with it, backups and regular check-ups verifying its condition are crucial. Better safe than sorry.

Performance & Optimization

The right WordPress hosting provider is essential for website stability and optimized speed. However, there’s more to it than that. Images, especially PNG format, often contribute to slow website performance. Slow websites negatively impact SEO scores and result in less traffic.

WordPress & Security

Protecting your site against malware is one thing, but hacker-proofing your clients’ personal data is even more crucial. Every type of malicious attack requires a different solution and you have to be prepared for anything in this online free-for-all.

WordPress maintenance is definitely a chore.

But someone needs to do it. Left alone, your website will begin to act up. If you don’t want to deal with speed optimization, countless WordPress plugins, and malware attacks on your own, consider having us do it for you.


€ 150,-

per month / site

Reclaim your peace of mind with our top-notch WordPress maintenance plan.
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€ 440,-

per month / site
Core Web Vitals and Page Speed Optimization.


€ 730,-

per month / site
Make your site Google ready with on-page SEO.
Price excl. VAT. Term: 1 year.

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